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Congress has no leader, policy or principles: Amit Shah

Chittorgarh : BJP chief Amit Shah took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi for not declaring the chief ministerial candidate in Rajasthan, saying the Congress is a party which 'does not have a leader, policy or principles' while the BJP is a party of 'patriots' led by Narendra Modi.

Addressing an election rally in Chittorgarh, Shah said: "I have been repeatedly asking Rahul Gandhi to name the leader of his party...But he doesn't say anything". "On the one hand there is a group of patriots under the leadership of Narendra Modi and on the other hand there is a group which doesn't have a leader, policy and principles", Shah said attacking the Congress.

He accused the Congress of playing with the security of the country for vote bank politics. People in the Congress see politics in surgical strikes and they stand in support of intruders in the country, he charged. The Narendra Modi-led BJP government has worked to make the country secure, he added.