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Aries Group Prepares itself for a Grand Platform in Marine, Oil & Gas

Kuwait: Biz Events Management, today, organised a one day Conference KUWAIT SYMPOSIUM-MARINE/OFFSHORE/OIL & GAS/PETROCHEMICALS– FORUM at Jumeriah Messilah Hotel, Kuwait. This one day conference took off by 9.30 AM. This event witnessed IMC Excellence Award and global industry experts participation as speakers, panelists and delegates outlining the key updates about the Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industry. Aimed at key decision makers and high level policy takers within the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector, the event took place at a time when there is growing optimism about the future of many sectors of the regional shipping business. The Conference aimed to focus on key market trends, giving attendees a unique insight into the opportunities that exist. The intention was to leave attendees with much clearer idea about future trade patterns, and market influences, so they are better placed build the foundations for longer term business growth.

In addition to getting vital knowledge on the industry, the conference offered the perfect networking environment to meet, exchange ideas and connect with your industry peers. The event also provided a right platform to network, strike deals, forge relations and take business to next level. This event was intented set a benchmark for future events. Topics for Press Conference were Effective adaptability of Oil & Gas companies in Operating Safely in Deep Water, Future challenges of Oil Exploration, Analysis of fluctuating oil Prices and its impact on the Offshore Sector, Improving Capital Efficiency of Major Projects, Safety & Security, Challenges in Oil & Gas Construction and Installation in the region, Offshore Renewable Energy- Prospects in Middle East, Trends, Market Forecast and Future of Worldwide Offshore Oil and Gas Design Issues and Trends for Offshore Service Vessels, Efficiency improvement in Services to Offshore - Innovations and Developments, Pipelines/Moorings: Design and Construction, Life Extension issues of Offshore Assets, Asset Integrity Managements, Rules And Regulation , Classification Society Focus, Global Oil Price Analysis: What is the Impact?, Advanced Designs, Technologies and Innovations in Floating Technology,Asset Integrity & Offshore Decommissioning.