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Hibi Eden Supports Puthuvype Strike

Puthuvype:: Hibi Eden commented that he has till date supported the common people of Puthuvype and will continue to do so forever. The candidate was visiting the Puthuvype Samara Samithi members. He added, it is the responsibility of any administration to protect the life and property of the residing public and development will be only possible by resolving the concerns of the public. Protest against Puthuvype IOC LPG Terminal continues for the past 4 years. Father Sijo George Kurishumoottil presided the event that took place in Puthuvype St. Sebastian Church. Puthuvype LPG Terminal Virudha Janakeeya Samara Samithi Convener Ajayghosh, Murali, Vice Chairman Biju Kannaganat, Mary Antony, Samara Samithi Executive member and Maglin Phelomina addressed the gathering.

UDF Candidate, Hibi Eden formulates ‘Envisioning Ernakulam 2030’ for the comprehensive development of the district. The blueprint of the plan will be presented tomorrow, March 31st, 2019 at 4.00pm in BTH Hotel, Ernakulam. The comprehensive development plan has been prepared with the guidance of Ernakulam Former District Collector and International Labor Organisation Secretary, M P Joseph. The development project will be divided in to 23 domains and discussion of the same will be held. The blueprint of the plan will be presented by the UDF candidate Hibi Eden. An extensive discussion will be conducted as well. The invited expert’s opinion will be considered and incorporated in the eventual comprehensive plan.