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Case filed against Vinayakan for ‘sleazy’ telephone talk

WAYANAD: Police have filed a case against actor Vinayakan based on the complaint that he had talked indecently to a woman. Kalpetta police have filed the case on the basis of the complaint filed by Dalit activist Mridula Devi Sasidharan. He has been charged for offences under IPC 506, 294 B, KPA 120, 120-O. Earlier, Mridula had written on her Facebook page that when she called him for a programme, he talked to her with sexual undertones, which she had recorded in her phone.

Ironically, Mridula gave vent to her emotions while commenting below the responses in the social media over casteist remarks made against Vinayakan. Soon after the Lok Sabha election Vinayakan had expressed happiness over BJP not winning any seat in Kerala, in an interview. Following this, he had to face a flurry of bad comments including casteist comments. In reply to this, Vinayakan posted a picture of Ayyappa and Kali on his own profile. Then social media started discussing that Vinayakan hinted at Ayyankali through his profile picture. It was at this instance Mridula came up with a post about her bad experience with Vinayakan.