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Power tariff hike: Hike up to Rs 97

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The hike in electricity charges will be a massive setback for domestic consumers. Consumers of all categories will see a hike of 6.8 percent in charges. Domestic consumers alone will have a hike of 11.4 percent in their electric bills. The renewed rates will in effect from today. According to the hike, consumers using up to 50 units of electricity per month will see an increase of Rs 18. Consuming with monthly usage of up to 75 units will have to pay Rs 35 more. Those who use up to 100 units of electricity each month will have to Rs 42 more.

BPL category users and consumers using up to 40 units per month have been exempted from the hike. Rate up to 50 units of usage was Rs 2.90 which has been renewed to Rs 3.15. From 51 units to 300 units, the hike is 30 p. From 301 to 350 units, the hike is 40 p. “For domestic consumers, the maximum hike is 40 p”, Regulatory Authority Commission Chairman Preman Dinarajan said. For small businesses, the charge has been hiked to Rs 120 from Rs 100. There is no increase for consumers with usage above 10 kilowatts and below 20 kilowatts. For those who use beyond 20 kilowatts, the hike is Rs 20.

Hike summarised: Up to 50 units: Rs 18 Up to 75 units: Rs 35 Up to 100 units: Rs 42 Up to 125 units: Rs 60 Up to 150 units: Rs 67 Up to 175 units: Rs 90 Up to 200 units: Rs 97