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"Those celebrating that video should understand that we are also humans": loco pilot's FB post goes viral

Kochi: Picture of a loco pilot urinating on railway tracks had gone viral on social media. Now a loco pilot-Pradeep Chandran’s post on social media regarding such incidents is getting attention from the netizens.In the post, he describes the difficulties loco pilots have to face.

Facebook post:

A video of a loco pilot urinating on railway track has gone viral. Those who celebrate and enjoy this video should understand one thing, loco pilots are also humans. Outside Kerala, stops are much less for long-distance trains. Chennai-Vijayawada is 430 km. The other staff in the train have no difficulty in eating food and using toilets while loco pilots have to eat while operating the train. Loco pilots eat and drink much less due to the fear that they might feel the urge to use the toilet. Most loco pilots have health issues as they don’t drink enough water. Now talking about MEMU, these trains have only one loco pilot who has to always keep a hand on DMH handle. If the person takes the hand off the handle, the train will stop. Can’t even open a water bottle in this situation. Eating is just a dream.

As the train is operated by a single man, loco pilots can’t even step out. The journey of a MEMU train starting 12.50 from Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari, then back to Thiruvananthapuram will reach by 7.25 in the evening. Just imagine the situation of a loco pilot who can’t eat and drink during that period of time. It’s our long-time request for a toilet inside loco. Urinating on track is due to our situation. Please understand our situation. Don’t celebrate the loco pilot’s video, we are also humans. (There might be technical difficulties for placing a toilet inside the engine. We are happy if given the time and facility to eat and use toilets at stations)