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Bineesh Kodiyeri demands justice for Unnao rape victim; "Ask Binoy to give drop of blood", replies commenters

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In a post on his Facebook page, Bineesh Kodiyeri has demanded justice for Unnao rape victim who was involved in an accident on Sunday. Bineesh criticized the BJP and the accused in Rakhi murder case. “She doesn’t have a name today. She is a rape victim. A woman who lost her name. Now she has lost her family. She is fighting for her life. Physical abuse was inflicted on her father by the police for voicing the complaint. He was killed by people who should be protecting the law”, Bineesh wrote on Facebook.

Bineesh accused BJP of the accident and also mentioned Rakhi’s murder. He also alleged that the obscene video of BJP leaders was put on the internet to cover up the murder.In the post, Bineesh hopes for the recovery of the hospitalized girl. However, the comments on his post are not entirely supportive of it. Many have trolled Bineesh in relation to the sexual abuse allegation against his brother Binoy Kodiyeri. ‘Ask Binoy to do a DNA test’ and ‘Demand justice for the girl in Bihar’ are some of the comment with most reactions.