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I know Merin Joseph, Sriram invited me to his office: Vafa Firoz with more revelations

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In an interview to a prominent media Vafa Firoz, a friend of IAS officer Sriram Venkitaraman, opened up regarding her relation with IPS officer Merin Joseph. She said the IPS officer is just an acquaintance. Vafa added that she has no other contacts with top officers other than Merin and Sriram. She also recalled how she met with Sriram Venkitaraman. Vafa messaged him after watching one of his shows and the IAS officer invited her to his office where they first met.

Vafa also indicated that she respects Sriram a lot. Not once did she call Sriram and they contacted each other on WhatsApp, she said. “Not only Sriram, but I’ll also help anyone that I trust without bothering about time. When the journalist was injured, we sought the help of many but no one was willing. My husband knows Sriram and I have talked about him. But after the accident, I couldn’t inform my husband and he is unhappy. But I have the backing of my family”, Vafa said.

Talking on her personal life, Vafa denies news that she was separated from her husband. “My husband is working as a marine engineer. I am not a model and have only shot a few pictures for the advertisement of a churidar”, Vafa revealed. Vafa also said that she is a yoga teacher and have done Islamic programs for two news channels.