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Heartwrenching sight of mother holding on to her child even in face of death

MALAPPURAM: Those who were involved in the rescue operations at Kottakkunnu witnessed a heartwrenching sight as they found the dead bodies of a mother and child among the ruins. According to rescue operators, the mother was seen holding on to her child even when she faced death.

The deceased have been identified as Geethu(22) and Dhruvan(1), who have been living at Chathakkulam. It is learnt that Geetha's mother-in-law Sarojini(50) has also gone missing. A witness said that the bodies were found among the ruins of the house which got destroyed in the flash floods on Friday. The bodies were found in an unidentifiable manner by rescue activists on Saturday. An activist said that Geetha's body was found holding her child close. Geetha's husband Sarath, who was also present in the house at the time of the incident, managed to escape miraculously.

Though the disaster occurred on Friday, the rescue operations got delayed due to heavy rain and unfavourable conditions. The bodies of Geetha and son were finally found out after an intense search that lasted till Sunday. Meanwhile, the search is still going on to find Sarojini.