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Do your duty or I'll tell public to beat you, Gadkari warns govt officials

NAGPUR: Central Minister Nitin Gadkari has warned government officials by saying that they should either work properly or else he will be forced to urge the public to punish them. The minister was speaking at a function organized by Laghu Udyog Bharti in Nagpur on Sunday.

According to Gadkari, entrepreneurs must be ready to expand industries without fearing government officials. He further questioned the red-tapisms and bribery in the government offices. "Why we have this red-tapism, why do all these inspectors come, they take bribe. I tell them to their face, you are government servant, I have been elected by people. I am answerable to people. If you commit theft, I will say you are a thief," he said.

The minister said that he had ordered the officials at the RTO that certain issues must be sorted within a period of 8 days. He added, "If the officials failed to sort the issues within this period, I will ask people to beat them. My teachers have taught me to throw away the systems that do not ensure justice for the people."