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Palarivattom Bridge will be rebuilt under the guidance of E Sreedharan, says Pinarayi

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The flaws in the construction work of the Palarivattom Bridge will be rebuild under the leadership of E Sreedharan, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The design and estimate will be made by Sreedharan and work on the construction will begin in the first week of October, he said. The work will be completed in a year, Pinarayi said while addressing the media.

Pinarayi said that it has been assessed that re-construction is good technically and economically. The decision was taken in the talks Pinarayi held with E Sreedharan and Minister G Sudhakaran. Agencies of good technical excellence will be entrusted with the job. There will be better agencies to oversee the work. Experts from Chennai IIT also attended the talks. The chief minister said the report submitted by IIT Chennai is unclear.

Even if the bridge is repaired, it is doubtful how long it will last and so it is better to demolish it and then re-construct, Sreedharan had advised the government and the latter approved it. The chief minister alleged that ministers are involved in the corruption worth millions. Meantime, former minister Ibrahim Kunju said he welcomes any probe. If there is corruption in the bridge work, it should be probed, said opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala.