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Indian Navy tracks Chinese warships in Indian ocean region

NEW DELHI: Seven Chinese Navy warships operating in and around the Indian Ocean Region, including an over 27,000 tonnes amphibious vessel, have been tracked by the Indian Navy using its American-origin P-8I anti-submarine warfare spy planes and other surveillance assets. In the pictures accessed by ANI, Chinese Landing Platform Dock Xian-32 can be seen passing through the Southern Indian Ocean Region before it entered the Sri Lankan waters earlier this month. The P-8I anti-submarine warfare and long-range surveillance aircraft have clicked the pictures and are constantly tracking activities and movements of the Chinese vessels.

Apart from the LPD, the Chinese warships include three each vessel of its counter-piracy escort task force 32 and counter-piracy escort taskforce 33 which would exchange positions in the Gulf of Aden where they would be deployed.

"They are being constantly monitored during their presence in the Indian Ocean when they pass closer to Indian exclusive economic zone and territorial waters," sources said. At any point of time, the Chinese Navy deploys around six to seven warships in the region, to "carry out anti-piracy drills" in the Gulf of Aden. However, sources said the main aim of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Navy seems to be power projection in the Indian Ocean Region as they want to spread their influence in the area from where a majority of their trade passes through.