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Malaysia looking for innovative ways to develop tourism

Kochi: With the increasing number of tourist arrivals from India, Malaysian tourism is gearing up to attract more tourists in innovative ways. In addition to focusing on developing new tourist destinations and attractions, Malaysia is opening more destinations - Family Destination, Wedding Destination, MCCE Destination, Education destination and Movie destination.

Malaysian tourism has begun to try to persuade the students of South India to study in Malaysia. Malaysia has begun talks with the Southern film industry to transform Malaysia into a movie destination.Malaysian Consul General Saravanan Karatihayan said that he would hold discussions with film industry stakeholders to ensure Indian cinema is affordable. International tourism fairs’ participation as well as Mega Familiarisation programmes are already in place, as Malaysia hopes to reach Indian solo or business travelers, families, honeymooners, or film makers to choose Malaysia as a preferred destination.

Mr.Mohamad Taib Ibrahim, Senior Director of Tourism Malaysia,reiterated that Malaysia is going full-force in reaching out to the world using the help of the web. “The campaign’s focus is on digital marketing through a dedicated VM2020 website, the use of hashtags for VisitMalaysia2020, VM2020 and MalaysiaTrulyAsia,” he added.