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Piravom: Metropolitas court arrest, collector takes over church

KOCHI: Ernakulam district collector S Suhas has informed that the government has taken the control of the Piravom Valiyapally where a dispute between the Orthodox and Jacobite factions continue. It was taken over following the directive of the Kerala High Court. Further steps will be taken after holding discussions with legal experts, he said. The Metropolitan priests who were inside the church staging protests courted arrest. Police entered the church surpassing heavy protests and shifted the priests and devotees from the spot. The action was taken after a discussion held with the district collector.

The high court had directed the removal of Jacobite church members who blocked the Orthodox faction to worship in the church. The court had asked to inform about the proceedings before 1.45 pm today. The Jacobite faction raised a huge protest against police entering the church. The police finally entered the church after breaking the gate. A clash broke out after devotees of Jacobite faction stopped the devotees of the Orthodox faction from entering the church. The Jacobite faction locked the main gate of the church and conducted a mass in the church. Devotees of the Orthodox faction built a pandal in front of the church and offered prayers. The priests said they were not ready to leave the church and courted arrest.