Police takes Jolly for a late-night evidence collection in Ponnamattom

KOZHIKODE: The police have taken Jolly, the prime accused in Koodathai murder case, to Ponnamattom House for evidence collection. It is hinted that the police reached here by 10 pm on Jolly’s statement that the leftover of cyanide is kept at a secret place in the house. An expert technical team lead by IST cell SP Dr Divya Gopinath reached Koodathai for the second time.

Jolly’s husband Shaju and his father Zakkariya were questioned for hours on Monday. At that time, the investigating team immediately decided to inspect on a piece of key information they got from Jolly. A posse of police force lead by DySP R. Haridas reached Koodathai at night on Monday hopeful of getting key evidence and information about the case.