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Can't hold U.S trade talks with 'knife to the throat', says China

Washington: China said it was impossible to hold trade talks with the United States while Washington is imposing tariffs that are like "holding a knife to someone's throat". Speaking a day after Washington activated tariffs on 200 billion in Chinese goods, vice commerce minister Wang Shouwen said China is open to negotiations but that the two sides must treat each other 'equally and with respect'.

"Now that the U.S has adopted this type of large-scale trade restrictions, they're holding a knife to someone's throat. Under these circumstances, how can negotiations proceed?" Wang told a news conference. U.S Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had invited Chinese officials to hold new talks, but President Donald Trump's latest salvo -- and warnings that another 267 billion of goods are being lined up -- appear to have scuttled that effort. Wang met U.S officials in Washington in August but there have been no high-level meetings between the world's top two economies for months.